The American University in Cairo
Accountant, Controller Office Processing press payments in foreign currency. Processing royalty
payments in Egyptian pound & foreign currency and preparing relevant adjustments for authors advances and dues. Booking press sale of rights incoming transfers according to CIB statement. Processing payments for sale of rights authors share.
Booking estimated royalty dues yearly. Processing royalty dues payments & offset against royalty due which have been estimated. Booking of credit card sales of bookstore monthly. Booking the press customers sales by serial invoices.
Settle the customers sales invoices against CIB statement. Processing foreign payments & advances related to the supply chain.
Settling the advances related to the supply chain (3 way matches). Verifying & settling payments issued by NY office according to POs. Booking A/R, A/P, sales, and other relevant entries related to press & bookstore.
Booking royalty donated to AUC restricted gifts.

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