Administration Assistant

Administration Assistant
For Recruitment agency

Job Description
1. Support the General Manager to manage workload and activities.
2. Coordinating between the General Manager, Recruitment supervisor & recruiters.
3. Filling correspondence.
4. Assisting the junior recruiters.
5. Coordinate and arranging meetings.
6. Work on recruitment requests.
7. Preparing working monthly reports.
8. Review candidate’s records, recruitment sheets. 
9. Ensuring that all data and information is accurate and up to date.
10. Responsible for CV sourcing.
11. Updating the database.
12. Working on supporting the vacancies that the company has shortage in getting cvs.
13. Collecting travel documents from the candidates. Ensuring that the documents are complete.
14. Responsible for an organized and updated filing system.
15. Following up with the candidates and the concerned authorities.
Bachelor Degree
1-3 years of experience
Please send your CV to