Logistics Section Head

Maintain and develop positive business relationships
with a customers key personnel involved in or directly
relevant to a logistics activity. ​Review logistics
performance with customers against targets,
benchmarks and service agreements. ​Support the
development of training materials and technical
manuals. ​Develop proposals that include
documentation for estimates. ​Direct and support the
compilation and analysis of technical source data
necessary for product development. ​Direct availability
and allocation of materials, supplies, and finished
products. ​Direct team activities, establishing task
priorities, scheduling and tracking work assignments,
providing guidance, and ensuring the availability of
resources. ​Participate in the assessment and review of
design alternatives and design change proposal
impacts. ​Perform system life-cycle cost analysis, and
develop component studies. ​Plan, organize, and
execute logistics support activities such as
maintenance planning, repair analysis, and test
equipment recommendations. ​Provide project
management services, including the provision and
analysis of technical data. ​Redesign the movement of
goods in order to maximize value and minimize costs.
​Report project plans, progress, and results. ​Other
related duties as assigned.

 Qualifications :
• 3-5 years experience in similar position.
• Excellent interpersonal & communication skills.
• Excellent memory & organizational ability.
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