Social Media and Marketing Executive

Social Media and Marketing Executive 

Description : 
Marketing Duties: ­ Understand GB Farms Business, from farm operations, local sales, Logistics, and produce calender. ­ Design New Company E­Marketing Presentations, news letter and weekly sales offers and contribute to develop marketing plans and strategies ­ Manage the production of Marketing Materials, include posters, flyers, and news letter ­ Arrange and manager for effective distribution of Marketing Materials and open New channels ­ Research and Register GB Farms with international site of Fruit Trading, price & Market info ­ Evaluating Marketing Campaigns Social Media Duties: ­ Develop overall Social Media Marketing plan and Strategy ­ Develop and Manager Social Media tools (Linkedin ­ Facebook, etc..) ­ Promoting the brand value of the product in the social media circles by incorporating suitable marketing strategies ­ Continuosly evaluating the changing market trends and apply new strategies according to the changes 

Qualifications : 
­University Graduate ­ 3-5 Years of Similar experience (Marketing and Social Media) 

Contact Email: mohamed.abdel­ ­